MuJoCo   advanced physics simulation

The latest version of MuJoCo is 1.40, released August 22, 2016.

MuJoCo Pro
MuJoCo Pro is a dynamic library with C/C++ API. It is intended for researchers and developers with computational background. It includes an XML parser, model compiler, simulator, and interactive OpenGL visualizer.

Commercial license. Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, 64-bit Linux and OSX.

MuJoCo Pro requires an activation key which is provided to licensed users. See License page.

Download mjpro131 win32
mjpro131 win64
mjpro131 linux
mjpro131 osx
mjpro140 win32
mjpro140 win64
mjpro140 linux
mjpro140 osx

MuJoCo HAPTIX is an end-user product with full-featured GUI. It has a socket-based API exposing a subset of the functions and data structures available in the Pro library. MuJoCo HAPTIX can be used as a generic simulator, or as a simulator customized for the needs of the DARPA Hand Proprioception & Touch Interfaces (HAPTIX) program. To achieve the latter goal, it integrates real-time motion capture which is used to move the base of a simulated prosthetic hand as well as track the user's head and implement a stereoscopic virtual environment.

Free license. Compatible with 64-bit Windows only.

Download mjhaptix131