MuJoCo   advanced physics simulation

Free license announcement

Dear MuJoCo Users,

Thank you for making this project a success! The growing demand for the software, combined with our manual licensing mechanism, has resulted in administrative overhead that is no longer sustainable. We are committed to keeping MuJoCo publicly available, while considering better alternatives in terms of licensing. Specifics will be announced here when ready. In the meantime, we are pleased to offer a free license available to everyone until October 31, 2021:

Activation key   (download this file to the bin subdirectory of your MuJoCo installation)

License text

Some users have software license agreements allowing them to renew their existing licenses. While we advise against renewals under the circumstances, we will of course honor these agreements for users who wish to renew anyway. If you are such a user, please send a (new) email to , even if you have already emailed us prior to this announcement.

Emo Todorov
Roboti LLC

July 27, 2021

Computer ID registration for existing Personal licenses

If you have an account number for a Personal license (Student, Non-Commercial, or Commercial), you can register your Computer ID here. This ID is obtained by downloading and running the 'getid' executable corresponding to your platform from the links below. After successful registration, an activation key locked to your Computer ID will be emailed to you automatically.

Account number
Computer ID      Win32    Win64    Linux    OSX

Within the 1-year license period you may request up to 5 activation keys for different computers or operating systems (3 keys for Student licenses). All keys will expire on the same date. If you accidentally submit the same Computer ID again, we will re-send the activation key without counting it towards the limit. These activation limits include 2 backup activations (beyond the number of machines allowed by the lincese) which are to be used in case an existing activation can no longer be used.