How to update the camera parameters given a velocity vector?

Discussion in 'Visualization' started by Amir, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. My goal is to update camera parameters (location + orientation) given a velocity vector so that the camera points in the direction of the velocity vector. I need to do this to enable a robot have some more interactions with the environment. How can I do this? Should I compute the update rotation matrix for the camera parameters and then use that to change the camera parameters accordingly?
    Something that makes me confused is that it seems that I need to manually set `lookat`, `azimuth`, `elevation` and `distance` parameters of the camera in MuJoCo (or mujoco-py). I'm not sure how to infer these parameters given a rotation matrix or a velocity vector. Could someone elaborate on this as well and help me figure out the steps I need to take in order to obtain these parameters starting from a velocity vector?