Texture visual problem in Mujoco200

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  1. Hi!
    I've been trying to create a mesh with texture on it in Mujoco200. I'm using the models from the YCB dataset, which are scanned from real objects. I have converted the model from the original .obj format into the .msh format which suits the requirements of Mujoco200.

    Unfortunately, the visual result is not as perfect as I thought. Some triangle meshes do not show properly.

    I've attached the results for you to compare. The .msh files are too big to upload(9.3M, 333332faces), so if you need, please tell me another way to give them to you.

    The question is :
    How could I improve the .msh files to make the meshes look like in the real world?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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  2. Emo Todorov

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    Interesting. I wonder if the problem is with the mesh data or with the textures... can you try to disable the textures in meshlab and in mujoco (press 'x') and compare the underlying meshes?

    It is not a good idea to simulate meshes with so many faces because collision detection will get slow. So you should simplify those meshes in meshlab before importing them in mujoco... of course that does not answer your question, but if you simplify or otherwise process the meshes in meshlab, the problem may go away.

    Still, I would like to figure out what is going on. If you can upload the files somewhere and send me a link, I will play with them.
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  3. Thank you for your kind reply.

    I followed your advice. The results are attached below, please see the mesh of the bottle.

    The meshes may be the problem. When I use 15728 faces, the surface is smooth, when I use 333332 faces, the surface show some 'non-color texture', like in MeshLab. And many more faces can not display properly when I use the 15728 faces mesh.

    I upload the concerned files(.obj, texture and .msh ) here: https://share.weiyun.com/5vgOjYS
    Have Fun:)

    If you can not download them, please tell me, I will try other ways.

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